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English speaking Shaxi guides

Join our English speaking guides for Shaxi tours

Li Han Mei (Apple) and Keith Lyons are among the most experienced Shaxi English guides. Until recently they were based in Lijiang where they have served discenring travelers throughout Yunnan. You can pre-arrange Shaxi tours with Apple or Keith when reserving a room at Old Theatre Inn or Shaxi Visitor's Centre.

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  • Guide Keith Lyons, Old Theatre Inn, Shaxi Yunnan China

Keith Lyons is a professional tour guide based in north-west Yunnan, offering tailor-made eco- and cultural tours exploring the diversity of the borderlands of south-west China. He first visited this region in the 1990s, set up the Lijiang Earthquake Relief Project following a massive quake in 1996, and has worked with the Eastern Tibetan Training Institute and the Shangrila Institute.
With a background in writing, photography and social sciences, Keith has written many articles about south-west China, as well as a guidebook for Yunnan. He speaks Mandarin, and can write and some minority languages including Naxi, Tibetan and Burmese.
His company Lijiang Guides arranges trip for individuals, families, friends and groups across Yunnan, including adventures from the gateway towns of Dali and Lijiang to the valley of Shaxi. Keith and his dog Lassie are recommended in a number of guidebooks including the latest Lonely Planet and Frommer's China. “If you have to choose one place in Yunnan to visit to really appreciate the wonders of the place and its people, that place is Shaxi.”

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  • Lijiang Guides Apple Li, Pear Orchard Temple Shaxi Yunnan China

Li Han Mei (or Apple) is a Bai woman living in Shaxi. Her background is as a teacher and chef, and she has an extensive knowledge of local foods and plants and Bai culture. She has more than 5 years experience as a guide and translator, taking journalists, photographers, and researchers around the area. She speaks Mandarin, local dialect, Bai language and English She likes taking guests off-the-beaten-track, to local markets, and hiking in the hills to meet local people including shaman, elders, craftspeople, artists and characters living in the valley.
As well as guiding on day trips around Shaxi, she offers gourmet and market tours, with cooking classes.

Apple is among the only native Bai speaking English guides in Shaxi. She is available through the Pear Orchard Temple Visitor's Centre or Old Theatre Inn reservations.

  • Lijiang guides- John - Shaxi Old Theatre Inn

John offers total travel freedom: you decide where to go and when to go. John is familiar with popular travel destinations as well as lesser-known places, the trip could be at the high-end, or budgeted , and can even provide camping gears should your really wish to get off the beaten path.

contact John today to learn more about trips,transportation, road conditions, weather, tourist attractions, landscapes, hotel and food arrangements or anything else. John has extensive knowledge of Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan and Tibet. Don't put off your southwest China road trip any longer!

  • Lijiang guides- Pema - Shaxi Old Theatre Inn

I'm Pema, a member of the Naxi ethnic group, born and raised in Lijiang.I'm experienced inworking with international well-known luxury resorts & hotels in China and overseas, and American organizations. I love to explore the unknown world, have traveled to 10 countries so far, and yet numerous places to go." Being a native of Lijiang, i am a nature person, love outdoor activities, cultural landscapes and various profound ethnic group culture. As a Tibetan Buddhist I believe simple is beautiful, and there is endless and diverse beauty in Yunnan. Go places beyond familiar, you sure will find what you look for here.

  • Lijiang Guides - Old Theatre Inn - Yunnan China

My name is Rosey, I am nice and honest Naxi girl, I was born in Middle Tiger leaping gorge. I like hiking very much and I know all of the areas around Yunnan very well. I am good for leisure travelers who would like to go for hiking or know more about Shangri-la,Tiger leaping gorge or discover more interesting places in the area, such as Dali Lijiang,Baisha Meili snow mountain and Yubeng village!

  • Lijiang guides- Dormalj - Shaxi Old Theatre Inn

My name is 晓静Xiaojing (Dorlma) from Shangri-La, a local Tibetan girl. As a tibetan Buddhist I have a lot of knowledge of the local religion. I have been a tour guide for six years. I work in local travel agency for the past five years and am now a freelance tour guide.
I love my job as a tour guide. I love different culture foods in shangri-la, Lijiang and Dali. l also love music and can play the guitar.
I can speak Yunnan local dialects, Chinese and English. I like to showing my guests the real local Tibetan, Naxi and Bai area and culture I offer soft trekking, family tour and culture tours.

I mainly work around Shangri-la, Li jiang, Dali and also provide information and tours in Tibetan areas.

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My name is Rachel, of the Naxi nationality with 16 years experience of guiding in Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-la. I love this job very much, can know many foreigners from all over the world and learn lots of knowledge and culture.
I work for CITS (China International Travel Service) Lijiang as part time and am available for individual tours in the Lijiang-Shangri-la-Dali region..

  • Lijiang guides- Sophie - Shaxi Old Theatre Inn

My name is Sophie, I come from a small and beautiful Lisu ethnic village in Shangri-la. Since I gratuded from College in Lijiang, I used to be a teacher in a Orphanage in Dali. Life full of dreams. As I grew up in the shadow of a big mountain I always want to go out to see the wolrd, so I start take guests to go Dali, Lijiang around and Shangri-la Temples, to see the Golden Monkeys in Tacheng. Everyday when I walk with guests in the Mountain or introduce local lifestyle culture, landscape and religions to them, I feel that's the happiest time in my day. I'm proundto have this English speaking guiding job and good comunication always Inspire me to work harder and prepare things well. As a four-year experienced tour guide, I love people from different countries and if you want to travel to this area in Northwest Yunnan, I am sure I will give you an unforgetable trip. Hope to see you here in my homeland!

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I'm Thomas, an English speaking Naxi native of Lijiang and I offer personal guided tours off the beaten track. I drive well and can take you to minority villages where you can stay and eat with local families.Touring and trekking trips go throughout Yunnan and Sichuan and into Tibet.

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My English name is Kelsey, I graduated from Yunnan Normal University in 2006.My major was tourist English and tour guide is my first full-time job till now. For almost 9 years I have guided foreigners through famous spots in Yunnan (Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la etc.), so I am very familiar with the surroundings in these area. I like guiding, singing and cross-culture communication.
I am active, independent and able to work under high-pressure environment with strong team work spirit and service mindset.
In my mind guiding is a tough job both mentally and physically, but I enjoy it very much. It is also a lot of fun and practice to deal with people from different countries.