Shaxi Old Theatre Inn
Duan Jia Deng Village, Shaxi Town
Jianchuan County, Dali, Yunnan, 671302, China
+86 872 4722 296

Excellence in Service Learning Shaxi

  • Guide Apple Li hiking in Shaxi Yunnan China

Li Han Mei (Apple)

Apple is a Bai woman from Dali with a background in outdoor learning, English teaching and native cooking. She is based in Shaxi and supports our school groups on cultural and experiential learning. Apple also runs the cooking school in the Pear Orchard Temple. She is a graduate of Dali Teacher's University.

  • Old Theatre Inn Manager, Sam in Shaxi Yunnan China

Xiao Hui (Sam)

Sam is a Bai woman from Eryuan who married into a family from the Duan Village, where the Old Theatre Inn is located. She is the Resident Manager at the Inn and coordinator for our student programs in Shaxi. Sam graduated from University in Kunming.

  • Chris hiking in Shaxi Yunnan China

Chris Barclay (柏昆)

ALTEC founder and creator of Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and Yangshuo Village Inn. He is managing partner of the Old Theatre Inn in Shaxi and recently restored the Pear Orchard Temple for future use that will include a visitor's centre and teahouse. Chris has studied and worked in China for over 20 years and served as ALTEC's Head Coach since 1996. An avid mountaineer, Chris has participated in 7 climbing expeditions in Tibet above 6,000m and summited 8,202m Cho Oyu.