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Leave a legacy in Shaxi Yunnan

Community service programs in local villages

  • AISG students build a greenhouse - Shaxi Yunnan China

The Ginkgo Society, a sustainable tourism intiative led by China aventupreneur, Chris Barclay, has established service learning projects in Shaxi in cooperation with guide companies from around the region. These projects give students the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to improving quality of life for people in Shaxi and leave a lasting legacy.

  • Sam with musicians on Old Theatre Inn stage - Shaxi Yunnan guesthouse

Service learning programs in Shaxi

  • Singapore International School students in Shaxi work in teams on their greenhouse - Yunnan China

Students can choose from several options depending on the season and budget. Currently our most popular project is greenhouse building in the Yi villages high above the valley. This project takes one full day with a camp overnight in tents. Ginkgo provides the materials and assemblysupport with students doing all of the work on their own. 

  • Shaxi student work study group - Old Theatre Inn Yunnan China

Another rewarding option in nearby Xia Ke Village is helping local farmers with planting or harvesting crops. This activity is season dependent and is best in the months of April-August, but there is always farmwork to be done in Shaxi with extra hands welcome. Students will learn about local agriculture and have a chance to cook and eat some of what they take back from the fields.

  • Traditional Shaxi house building - Bobby Lee

For those students who don't mind some heavy labor, throughout the year there are always families who can use help with traditional home consruction in the Shaxi Valley. Typically this will consist of porting materials and supporting rammed earth building teams. There is also painting work to be done, with some basic carpentry jobs available. This is a full day of volunteer work for students.