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Shanghai American School Testimonials

  • Shaxi microcampus students at ancient bridge, Shaxi China

"Shaxi is for people who like an awesome experience and are tired of industrialized tourism. It’s for people who want a very unique experience, a clean vacation and special things such as learning about the Bai and Yi people."

"I would recommend the Shaxi trip because it was a great experience to learn how to do things. I enjoyed visiting the elementary school, biking, looking at the stars, working on the farm, and lastly EATING THE YUMMY FOOD!! It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!"

I felt Shaxi China Alive was a unique experience. It made me feel relaxed and raised my cultural awareness. The stargazing was a wonderful experience. Working on the fields was hard work and made me realize how lucky I was.

"I would recommend the Shaxi trip to those who wish to learn and get good advice for their future. Going to Yangzhou may be fun, with friends and shopping…But in Shaxi you can learn so much about yourself and others. You will later learn that the Shaxi trip was vey important and life changing."

"This trip gives students a whole new experience on what Yunnan is like and how the locals make a living. It also allows students to become aware of the two different groups of people that inhabit the area. The activities are enjoyable as well."

"The Shaxi trip gives students a chance to immerse themselves into the local culture of the area (not completely, but at least you get a good taste). Also, China Alive has usually been considered just a travel experience; but Shaxi has made it a great educational experience as well." -- Sabrina

"I would recommend this trip because there are more new activities to take part in than a touristy place. It’s a new experience because it’s in the countryside. You also get to learn about a culture that you can’t really learn about on any other China Alive trip." -- Morgane

"It was fun because we were able to bond with a smaller group. The activities were great and so were the rooms."

"This China Alive trip was a new experience with good learning. If you want to experience new culture and can handle a little hard work, I would recommend Shaxi."

"For people who want peace and quiet, and a little bit of excitement, you should go to Shaxi. It taught me a lot about local and authentic experience. It also gave us a chance to bond with a smaller group of people, and to get to know some locals. Also, Smores were great!"

"I would recommend Shaxi because
1) there are fewer people
2) our activities are more immersed in local life
3) Shaxi is amazingly beautiful and so picturesque"

Shaxi Old Theatre Inn
Duan Jia Deng Village, Shaxi Town
Jianchuan County, Dali, Yunnan, 671302, China
Call: +86 872 4722 296


Welcome to Shaxi Yunnan China - a cultural treasure of the ancient Tea Horse Road

Located halfway from Lijiang to Dali, Shaxi Yunnan is home to a beautifully preserved traditional way of life that offers a glimpse into a forgotten era. Shaxi has been protected from mass tourism due to its relative distance from popular destinations in Yunnan. But a new highway has made the driving distance from Dali to Shaxi or Lijiang just 90 minutes. The local government, keen to protect Shaxi's unique cultural heritage, is working with a conservation team that aims to create a sustainable travel strategy for the valley, encouraging activities that provide ownership opportunities for local families. Go now!