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American international school students learn in Shaxi

  • Shaxi microcampus students picking beans for dinner, Shaxi China

This pioneering group of 8th graders came to learn firsthand about the people and history of Shaxi. Their program leaders chose this beautiful part of China because of its rich cultural heritage, unique Bai and Yi culture, and traditional Chinese pastoral lifestyle.

The learning program was designed to give these students direct access to the lives of local people, in a way that tourists don’t have a chance to experience. We created activies that gave students time with local farmers and middle school-aged kids to ask them meaningful questions about their lives and how modernization is affecting them.

The highly rated program consisted of three topics in three days, all under the theme of Sustainable Development and Culture in Shaxi.

Each day began with a short morning discussion to develop a specific skill that participants would apply in their day’s learning adventures. At the end of the program, students put the three skills together to create a team report that summarized the results of their learning.

DAY 1 TOPIC: Cultural Tourism

50-minute workshop: Interviewing Skills
Goal: talk to local people about their views on tourism and assess positive and negative impacts to come up with the basis of a cultural tourism plan for the Shaxi Valley.


DAY 2 TOPIC: Agriculture & Animal husbandry

50-minute workshop: Critical thinking skills
Goals: to understand the impact of tobacco farming on the environment and weigh against costs/benefits to Shaxi people and Chinese society
to learn about self-sustaining food production in Shaxi.


DAY 3 Topic: Bai Family Culture

60-minute workshop: Presentation skills
Goals: to understand the unique culture of the Bai people and how children grow up in this society

  • Shaxi microcampus students at local school, Shaxi Yunnan China
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Welcome to Shaxi Yunnan China - a cultural treasure of the ancient Tea Horse Road

Located halfway from Lijiang to Dali, Shaxi Yunnan is home to a beautifully preserved traditional way of life that offers a glimpse into a forgotten era. Shaxi has been protected from mass tourism due to its relative distance from popular destinations in Yunnan. But a new highway has made the driving distance from Dali to Shaxi or Lijiang just 90 minutes. The local government, keen to protect Shaxi's unique cultural heritage, is working with a conservation team that aims to create a sustainable travel strategy for the valley, encouraging activities that provide ownership opportunities for local families. Go now!