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Jianchuan Yunnan China: gateway to Shaxi

Just an hour by bus to Shaxi Old Theatre Inn and Old Town

  • Jianchuan Lake-Jianchuan Yunnan CHina

Jianchuan is the County Seat of Shaxi and a mostly uninteresting small provincial city. Apart from the main street of commercial and industrial supplies, there is an old street with some plain looking buildings and shops that takes about 10 minutes to walk through. Jianhai Lake is pretty but pales in comparison to the views of Erhai Lake from Shuanglang or Dali. Lashihai Lake in Lijiang is also a lot more engaging in terms of things to do there. 

The best thing about Jianchuan is that it offers cheap transportation to Lijiang, Dali and nearby Shaxi in the form of minibuses that leave every 15 minutes or so. 

You won't find a bank that takes international ATM cards here, or any nice hotels or even great restaurants in Jianchuan, which is why most people don't stay and there's very little tourism compared to Lijiang, Dali and Shaxi. 

The Jianchuan minibus to Shaxi is located at the public bus station in the midle of Jianchuan City on the main road. You don't need a ticket, just pay RMB 20 to the driver. You can also book a seat here on larger bus to Dali or Lijiang.

If you want to book a taxi from Jianchuan to Shaxi Old Theatre Inn, the price is no more than RMB 100 and ALWAYS confirm the price with the driver BEFORE getting in the taxi! Shaxi Old Theatre Inn can also arrange a private car for you that costs only RMB 80, with better service and nicer cars.

For more information about Jianchuan to Shaxi bus or taxi service, please email Shaxi Old Theatre Inn or call us at +8613577258117.