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Shaxi weather and Dali Yunnan seasons

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Cool and sunny year-round in the Himalayan foothills

Weather in Shaxi is very pleasant throughout the year, with cool evenings and warm sunny days. In winter the mercury usually drops close to zero at night, while days are in the low teens (celcius). Summers are warm in the upper 20's and in the mid teens at night. Like Dali weather, Shaxi, has a rainy season that starts in May and goes throughout the Summer, bringing intermittant showers throughout the afternoon, with patches of sun in between. November  begins the dry season, which continues into March, making things a little dusty, with the ever-present breeze that blows up from Dali across the Shaxi Valley.

Due to its altitude, the change between daytime and nighttime temperatures can be quite big and happen very quickly. While Spring may see daytime highs in the 20s, once the sun goes down the temperature may soon drop to below 10 degrees in just a couple of hours. The UV index is usualy quite high due to the dry, thinner air and even in winter, one can get a serious sunburn being our all day with the termperatures in the mid-teens.

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A good rule of thumb for Shaxi weather is to always have a water-proof windbreaker and warm hat handy, as the late afternoon often brings showers and winds that whistle down the valley. By nightfall on even sunny days, expect a 10 degree drop in temperature once the sun sinks behind the Hengduan Mountains mountains. Sunglasses and sunscreen are also a must!

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