Shaxi Old Theatre Inn
Duan Jia Deng Village, Shaxi Town
Jianchuan County, Dali, Yunnan, 671302, China
+86 872 4722 296

Shaxi hiking tours and information

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Shaxi village life with hiking trails & views of the valley

Old Theatre Inn is located in Duan Village, about 3km from the old town. Duan Village is a typical farming community, with an cold stream running through it. Facing the Heihui River and with steep hills behind it, the feng shui of the village is ideal, and Old Theatre Inn sits at the very entrance to the village, perched on a hill overlooking the fields.

There are pleasant walks through Duan Village that guests can take to learn more about daily life in Shaxi, or continue on to the Old Town, approximately 40 minutes on foot through local pathways. Toward the back of the fillage is a folk temple and groves of old growth trees, with trails heading up into the mountains.

There are numerous hiking trails from the Old Theatre Inn that take you in to Yi villages and down the other size of the mountain to Hejiang Village, the Shangri-la of Shaxi Valley. These hiking trails are mainly forested pine with some high meadows around 3,000 meters. There are beautiful views of the Shaxi Valley on these hiking trails and you can find a map of them at the Old Theatre Inn.

Across the valley is the Pear Orchard Temple, with a visitor's center, Shaxi photo exhibition and a vegetarian restaurant that offers the most spectacular views of Shaxi.