Shaxi Old Theatre Inn
Duan Jia Deng Village, Shaxi Town
Jianchuan County, Dali, Yunnan, 671302, China
+86 872 4722 296

Shaxi Laomadian lodge

A traditional styled courtyard hostel in Shaxi old town

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Shaxi Laomadian lodge (literally 'Old horse Inn) is owned by a Taiwanese investor, A Fang, who has also restored impressive properties in Lijiang and Shangri La. Rooms here remain as authentic as possible (albeit with modern bathrooms) to the original caravanserai that also now doubles as a restaurant, with quality food being served to discerning tourists. The nine rooms and at least four wells that are located in the one hundred and fifty year old complex of two extended courtyards, give a fascinating insight into the accommodation that would have been used by the caravan leaders of days gone past. Even the original cabinets that the horsemen slept atop to protect there personal belongings, can still be seen here.

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