Shaxi Old Theatre Inn
Duan Jia Deng Village, Shaxi Town
Jianchuan County, Dali, Yunnan, 671302, China
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Work in Yunnan - teach in Shaxi

WWOOF or teach English in Shaxi Yunnan

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WOOFing in Shaxi

  • Students helping farmers in fields
  • Students working in field, Shaxi Yunnan China

The Ginkgo Society, an American heritage preservation group that renovated the Pear Orchard Temple also hosts student groups in Shaxi. As part of these activities, we have a homestay opportunities in the village of Xia Ke, located 20 minutes walk from Shaxi Old Town. This is very simple local accommodation with modern toilets located in the back courtyard. The courtyard is available in between student groups for those who can help with needed farmwork or teaching.

The Li family whose courtyard is used for student groups have 1 mu of land that grows a variety of crops throughout the year so there is occasionally work to be done there. In addition, the Old Theatre Inn, which sees many foreign visitors each year, is surrounded by fields that beloong to families of staff. For those who have basic farming skills, we can arrange meals and possibly rooms at the old theatre for limited periods throughout the year.

To check on specific dates, please contact us here.

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Teach in Shaxi at the Pear Orchard Temple

The Pear Orchard Temple also needs English teachers for thee three local young women who need support, as well as our local manager (Sam) of the Old Theatre Inn.

Some other things we need, please see if they appeal to you:

  • Help us with the restaurant gardening project (we don't yet have a dedicated piece of land), but you could make a study of needs and design the project with our cooking school manager and local guide, Apple, or just as "micro farming project designers"
  • Clean stables for the temple horse trekking project
  • Help us train our girls in service skills for the Pear Blossom vegetarian restaurant in the temple
  • Help Apple with the village tour project, accompanying her on exploratory missions and helping her with taking pictures, collecting information, designing tasks (touring guidance material design)Helping us to develop and promote the handicrafts project (we have older people making handicrafts for sale on site in the Temple, or to source more handicraft products or makers
  • Help us prepare / design and perform an awareness campaign on sustainability principles towards local people, for the whole valley... focusing on wastes management and water pollution...
  • Teach local staff how to bake cookies and simple cakes
  • Help us to develop more activities for kids/teenagers, high season means holidays and familial traveling, means kids/teens aboard. Like treasure hunts, Terrible Cat hunts, Mushrooms hunts, Dragons hunts, or just by organizing games and activities with local kids

If you have particular experience in any of the above areas we are interested to have you. Our accommodation is a homestay family courtyard, halfway between the Old Town and Old Theatre.

We can provide a simple breakfast and lunch.

Please let us know 1 month before you intend to arrive and we can tell you what we have available. We don't know at this point how many if any other WOOFers will be engaged with us at the time you would like to be here.

For teachers, we'd like someone with at least 6 months experience teaching basic English. Please send us a brief resume or background on your experience!

Leave a legacy with the people of Shaxi

  • Kitchen training - Wine tasting - Pear Blossom Organic - Shaxi restaurants