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The Old Theatre Inn family originates from the surrounding villages, bringing with us the local charm and traditional hospitality of Shaxi China. For the last six years, led by partners Wu Yunxin, a cultural heritage expert and American designer Chris Barclay, we have continuously learned about western guest expectations and how to exceed them. In addition to learning English and hospitality management, we share a commitment to learning about the interests of our guests, and introducing them to the unique culture of Shaxi. To read more about our staff, please see our introductions below.

Our Mission

To be a source of inspiration for our guests through the beauty of our surroundings, people and facilities.

Our Vision
To be a world-famous, first choice of travelers to Shaxi who seek authentic, environmentally responsible accommodation.

Our Core Values
Environmental preservation:Environmental preservation: Solar hot water, no disposable products or plastic bags, locally made furniture and recycle all waste.

Authentic experience: Village location run by local staff with traditional Bai design and well preserved history.

Superior value: providing world-class service with outstanding food and comfort, attention to details and always offering more than is expected.

Localhood: being model neighbors and corporate citizens who support local welfare and culture while treating our guests as residents.

Our Concept

We are a self-designated "China Heritage Hotel" a name we created to describe our unique position as custodians of a listed heritage site that also offers accommodation. This entails putting environmental preservation and cultural heritage as our top values; honoring the past while creating a world-class accommodation experience. Our focus is also on localhood - the belief that developing local people who work at Old Theatre Inn and including guests in celebrating our local culture is the key to our success. As our website demonstrates, we are not just a hotel but a stakeholder in the development of responsible tourism in Shaxi, offering professionally created maps that promote exploring Shaxi on foot and by bike.

We also believe in creating a virtuous circle of responsible vendors and commercial partners in the villages and old town. These are people who share our values of localism and who hold high stanrds of quality and service. We will only recommend our guests to those businesses who can offer our guests the best Shaxi experience. Our goal is to remain a simple and honest family-run country inn where people from all over the world can go to experience the beauty and serenity of Shaxi.

Yangshuo hotel deals - Old Theatre Inn


Zhang Jie 张杰

My name is Jessica, Chinaese name is Zhangjie. I'm 25 years old and from a quiet village in Shaxi. My hobby is dancing and playing games. I have a happy family. There are five people in my family. My father is a civil servant, my mother is a housewife and my husband is a graphic designer. He runs an advertising shop. I have a three year-old daughter I like English and hope some day I'll be able to travel abroad, and speak English with foreigners. I work at Old Theatre Inn, and love this job because hotel management and reception is meticulous work. Every satisfied guest is the best affirmation to me. The job is not only lets me improve my communication, but also realize the importance of service. So I'm in progress and learning every day which is very meaningful.

Yang Shixiang 杨十香

My name is Yang Shixiang and I am from Duan Village. I have five people in my family and am forty years old this year. My hobby is to make things by hand. My personality is frank. I have enjoyed working at Old Theatre Inn for five years.

Duan Jiping 段济平

I have been working as a chef at Old Theatre Inn (formerly Dragonfly) for over eight years. My character is friendly, helpful and hardworking. I understand the needs of our guests, and do my best to bring them a memorable experience at our inn. I grow vegetables in my garden next door and cook in a traditional way to create the opportunity for visitors to taste local and authentique Shaxi food.

Yang Sanmei 杨三妹

I'm Yang Yinfu but everyone calls me San Mei because I am the third sister in my family. There are six people in my family and I live next door to the Old Theatre Inn, working here for four years. I have many hobbies and a cheerful character. I'm very enthusiastic about my work at Old Theatre and have an energetic mind and enjoy being industrious in my daily life.

Duan Qihui 段琪慧 (Sam)

My name is Duan Qihui, and I live in Duan Village. I share a surname with many people in this village which is also home to Old Theatre Inn. My work as General Manager for four years here is very happy, because every day there are guests from different countries who I treat as my family with a smile, enthusiasm and a warm reception each day. Guests feel the warmth of home. I like this job very much and. I will continue to work hard, improve our service attitude. Wishing all our guests happy every day!